Training Courses

Seridan Provide a Range of Approved Training Courses:

  • B.A wearer course & Escape Set training
  • B.A Compressor Training
  • Confined Space Awareness Training
  • Confined Space for Management
  • Harness for Working At Heights Training
  • E.R.T Training   
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Audit
  • Confined Space Risk Assessment


Breathing Apparatus

Seridan Breathing Apparatus Training Course will equip your personnel with the Skills required to safely inspect, maintain and operate Self Contained Breathing Apparatus during normal work or during emergency situations.

We will teach your personnel how to safely operate Breathing Apparatus in accordance with EN529 standards and in line with the provisions of General Applications Regulations 2007.

Confined Space Training

Confined Spaces can KILL YOU.
Every year people are killed across a wide range of working environments in confined spaces. The figures for workplace accidents show that a worker is 140 times more likely to die in a confined space accident than in a non confined space industrial accident. The range varies from those involved in the operation of complex plant through to accessing storage vessels.

In addition, a large number of people are also seriously injured. Unfortunately those losing their lives include not only people working in the confined space but also those who try to rescue them without prior training and using incorrect equipment.

The overall objective of this training module is to provide awareness and general knowledge of Confined Spaces.

At the conclusion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Understand the hazards of confined spaces
  • Become knowledgeable in the safety standards for safeguarding confined space entries, implementing safe system of work and permit to work procedures
  • Learn the duties and responsibilities of the confined space entry participants
  • Achieve familiarity with atmospheric testing equipment and entrance equipment
  • Relate to and understand the requirements and obligations for safety, health and welfare ( confined space) regulations 2001
B.A Compressor Training

This course is intended for trained users of breathing apparatus who will be involved in and take responsibilities for charging BA cylinders using a high pressure compressor for breathing air. Theoretical and practical aspects for the correct and safe charging methods will be presented.

Course Aims:
To enable employees of the organisation to safely charge cylinders belonging to the organisation in accordance with current best practice, standards and regulations relevant to EN1920 transportable gas cylinders – cylinders for compressed gases ( excluding acetylene) inspection at time of filling.

Harness For Working At Height Training

This course has being developed to promote safe working practices and procedures when planning to work at a height. The course will also help your personnel to fully understand the requirements of the work at height stipulations contained in Part 4 of Safety, Health and welfare at work ( general applications) regulations 2007.

Fire Risk Assessment Training

Seridans Fire Risk Assessment Training course identifies hazards and takes you through the steps to prevent a fire and protect the safety of people on your premises and those in the immediate vicinity according to the relevant ISO standards.