Seridan offer a complete package of services for:

Breathing Apparatus, Breathing Air Compressors, B.A Cylinder Testing, Air Quality Testing.

  • Seridan are the appointed Scott Authorised Service Agent for Ireland, and this ensures that breathing apparatus and other RPE serviced, maintained and repaired when necessary in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer.
  • As part of the Scott Authorised Agent programme the breathing apparatus service technicians employed by Seridan are appropriately trained, assessed and hold valid certification issued by Scott.
  • This ensures that full compliance is achieved to meet the requirements under EN 529 that the maintenance of respiratory protective devices is required (89/656/EEC) to be carried out by competent persons and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • It also enables and directly contributes to proper compliance with the stipulations contained in article 66 of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work (General Applications) Regulations 2007 stating that the respiratory protection, including insulating appliances with an air supply, is maintained at all times in good working order and in a satisfactory hygienic condition by means of any necessary storage, maintenance, repair or replacement.
Breathing Air Compressors

It is vital that High Pressure Compressors for breathing air are regularly serviced and maintained. This is to ensure proper technical function of the equipment and to adequately meet the needs of health and safety for the equipment and ensure that air quality is up to EN 12021 standard. 

Seridans engineers have long experience, knowledge and qualifications in maintaining and servicing B.A compressors for Fire Brigades and Industry.

B.A Cylinder Pressure Testing

Breathing air cylinders should be periodically pressure tested and recertified, and valves should be serviced and overhauled with parts changed as required. Seridan cylinder technicians are approved with UKAS personell accreditation to test cylinders to EN ISO 11623 (Composite), EN 1968 (Steel), and EN1802 (Aluminium) standards and to overhaul cylinder valves to EN11489.

Air Quality Testing

Supplied air for breathing purposes must meet the requirements for Air Quality as outlined by EN12021 and COSHH Regulations.

Seridan provide air quality analysis tests for SCBA cylinders, high pressure breathing compressors, and lower pressure breathing airline systems for fixed and portable to EN 12021.

Seridan offer a full range of services on all equipment sold as follows:

  • Breathing Apparatus
  • Breathing Air Compressors
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Gas Detection
  • Cylinder Pressure Testing
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Air Bags
  • Rescue Struts
  • Confined Space Equipment
Important Safety News: Respiratory Protective Equipment(Rpe) Servicing

Regular servicing and maintenance of air fed breathing apparatus and other types of respiratory equipment should be carried out to keep units in safe and good working order. Scott manufacturers of breathing apparatus supplied by Seridan stipulate service schedules for their equipment that must only be carried out by trained personnel authorised by Scott.

Safety, Health And Welfare At Work Regulations

The General Applications Regulations came into effect at the end of 2007 to update the 1993 Regulations. Article 66 states: An employer shall ensure that any personal protective equipment provided by the employer under Regulation 62 is maintained at all times in good working order and in a satisfactory hygienic condition by means of  any necessary storage, maintenance, repair or replacement.

Authorised Service Centre

In the interests of health and safety there is a requirement that air fed breathing apparatus is serviced minimally on an annual basis or more frequently depending on the conditions of use and storage. Seridan can provide this service to customers in a fully accountable manner because we are the company in Ireland operating as the Scott Authorised Service Centre.


The General Applications Regulations 2007 also refer to the need for training in Article 67 by stating that an employer ... shall... arrange for training and, if appropriate, organise demonstration in the wearing of such equipment. Seridan support this important customer requirement with the provision of Scott accredited training courses in breathing apparatus use and wearing.