Respiratory Protection

Powered & Airline Respirators

Powered & Airline RespiratorsWith applications in a multitude of industries including, Nuclear, Agriculture, Chemical and many other specific tasks such as paintspraying, asbestos removal and welding Protector has a respiratory solution to suit your application.

Protector markets a complete range of Powered Respirators and light duty airline equipment all of which have been designed with intelligence, comfort, vesatility and your paramount safety in mind.


TornadoTornado is a completely modular respiratory protection system supplying clean air to the user via either factory fed airlines or a battery powered filtering system.

This ever evolving range is a genuine leap forward in the provision of respiratory protective equipment. A choice of up to nine differnt headtops covering a multitude of potential applications gives unrivalled flexibility and an affordable range of upgrade options.

Key Features

  • High levels of wearer comfort.
  • Simple to use completely modular system.
  • Easy to maintain and service.
  • Fully conforms to national and international standards.



T-PowerThe T-Power is designed to provide filtered air for the widest range of industrial applications as diverse as industrial welding, agriculture and waste disposal.

T-Power features an electronic management system designed to keep the wearer informed of the status of the battery and filter, maximising wearer safety and optimising battery life.

A choice of nine headtops is available covering virtually every application.

Key Features

  • Optimised airflow monitoring with 15 power levels to compensate for filter clogging and extend filter life.
  • Battery locks to prevent accidental disconnection.
  • Range of batteries. Power can be matched to a specific job.
  • Complete range of filters allowing versatile use in a wide variety of environments.
  • All units are intrinsically safe as standard.
  • Modular filter adaptors allow the use of single, twin and triple filters according to operational requirements, with the same blower system.



T-A-LineThe T-A-Line system is for use with filtered factory airline supplies and delivers air efficiently and safely to the user. It features an auxiliary air outlet for use with air powered tools. The regulator compensates for variable pressure to guarantee the wearer sufficient air flow.

The in built air condition indicator, which also acts as a silencer, visually warns the user of a contaminated air supply. A warning whistle informs of a low pressure and flow below the manufacturer's minimum.

The T-A-Line is designed for use with the full range of Tornado headtops except for T7 and T8. It is fully compatible with the new Protector Airline Filtration Units.

Key Features

  • Very quiet in use.
  • Comfortable belt-mounted lightweight ergonomic design.
  • Adjustable in the field, from left or right hip wearing.
  • Easily connected with disconnection protection.


Power Assisted Respirators & Airline Breathing Apparatus for Asbestos Removal

TornadoScott Health & Safety provide the respirators of choice for the removal of asbestos.

With a long and proven tradition of understanding the specific needs of the asbestos market demonstrated by instantly recogniseable respiratory protection products such as Phantom, PowerPak and Proflow, Scott’s range is constantly refined and improved according to the industry’s demands.




Phantom PPR2000

Phantom PPR2000The Phantom PPR2000 delivers clean filtered air in accordance with the latest European best practice for asbestos stripping. Its unique battery management system ensures flow rates in excess of 160 litres per minute for up to eight hours.

PPR2000 is designed for use in the most arduous of environments where particulates are the hazard. Applications include asbestos stripping, grain handling, lead oxide removal and the nuclear industry.

Key Features

  • 160 litres per minute airflow for up to 8 hours.
  • Mask mounted motor enabling continued respiratory protection during decontamination.
  • Belt worn battery.
  • Facility for mounting short sidearm prescription spectacles within the mask.


  • EN147 TMP3.



PowerpakThe Powerpak power assisted respirator system is designed for use in arduous environments where toxic dusts, vapours and gases are encountered. Applications include asbestos removal, water treatment, lead paint removal and chemical industries.

The fully self-contained belt unit provides a comfortable flow of filtered air into a choice of silicone or neoprene full facemasks. A range of high efficiency filters is available to cope with most industrial hazards.

Key Features

  • Tough ABS moulded casing for maximum security and service life.
  • Silicone or neoprene facemasks in different size options, class leading in comfort.
  • Powerpak exceeds the latest European standard for protection.
  • Easily decontaminated, the blower unit can be sealed during decontamination.
  • Approved with the latest Vision facemask in 3 sizes.


  • prEN147 Rev, 1994 TM3.


RAS Asbestos

RAS AsbestosThe Sabre positive pressure Respiratory Airline System (RAS) can be used in combination with a negative pressure filter canister for entering or leaving work area.

Designed for use in asbestos removal the Ras Asbestos incorporates an in-line medium pressure particulate filter, which removes any asbestos fibre's that may enter the hose before connection to the airline. A medium pressure whistle is also incorporated to warn the wearer of any drop in airline pressure.

Ras Asbestos can be used with an airline supply from the Modulair 2 range, compressor or factory airline system.

Key Features

  • Available with inline filter to remove particulates from the airline supply, ideally suited for asbestos work.
  • Bandolier harness for easy and secure donning.
  • For use with PanaSeal and Vision facemasks.
  • Integrated entry and egress facility.
  • Suitable for asbestos removal, nuclear process and decommisioning work as well as the stripping and spraying of iscyanate paints.


  • CE marked to EN139.