Self Contained - CONTOUR 300

Selected by the UK Design Council as a Millennium Product, The Contour incorporates innovation and creativity in design and application, maintaining Sabre’s reputation for being at the forefront of breathing apparatus design and manufacture for over 30 years. Providing operational flexibility and upgrade-ability, the Contour features exceptional levels of comfort, reliability and maintainability.

With both the single cylinder Contour 300 and the twin cylinder capable Contour 500 versions, Sabre has a breathing apparatus to meet the professionals’ most exacting requirements, which reflects Sabre’s stated philosophy to produce equipment customers wear by choice, not just necessity.

At the heart of the Sabre Contour is the lightweight composite backplate. The ergonomic shape provides optimal load distribution and balance, with minimal profile to allow ease of movement. As well as the pivoting side arms providing excellent lateral support, the backplate is designed to flex, providing a high degree of mobility.

The impact resistant polyamide composite material is both anti-static and non-conductive. The Contour 300 backplate features a single cylinder retainer, whereas the Contour 500 model has a second support to allow twin cylinder use in conjunction with a high pressure manifold. The fully adjustable 100% Kevlar cylinder band features a unique over centre catch with a safety locking feature. Uniquely, the hoses are channelled along the inside of the backplate to prevent damage and minimise snag hazards.

The Sabre Contour 300 and 500 both feature a harness constructed from Kevlar/Nomex materials and feature closed cell foam padding. Both backplates utilise materials that exceed the heat and flame requirements of NFPA 1981, as well as EN137 Class 3. The Contour 500 harness features a full length backpad as standard, as well as wraparound hose retainers. These facilitate the attachment of the latest electronic systems and simplify the removal of the pneumatic assembly.

The proven pneumatic system features a simple and fail safe spring loaded piston reducer, containing only seven components including an internal pressure relief valve. Fully user serviceable, it offers low service and maintenance costs. The reducer incorporates a protected medium pressure port allowing the connection of airline decontamination or RSM attachments.

All hose connections feature Sabre’s U-clip/O-ring design, offering reliable and simple maintenance. Different high and medium pressure connections ensure foolproof assembly. Contour 500 apparatus feature an additional high pressure port to accept fast fill charging or to facilitate the integration of electronic monitoring systems. The shoulder mounted robust, luminous pressure gauge and whistle features swivel hose fittings for easy wearer access.

The Contour is available with the full range of Sabre masks, including the latest
Vision 3 or traditional PanaSeal and PanaVisor types. All masks are constructed from non dermatitic silicone, Neoprene or TPE materials. Coated polycarbonate visors provide resistance to most common chemicals and provide facial impact protection. Suitable for use with the latest low-profile helmets, both elasticated net harnesses or integrated helmet clamps are also available. All Sabre masks feature a low profile, bayonet side fitting connecting the demand valve for superior verbal communication. The Vision mask’s unique shape also provides excellent peripheral vision.

The Tempest automatic positive pressure demand valve is a further development of the ultracompact design, pioneered by Sabre. It features low breathing resistance and unsurpassed dynamic response, combined with peak flow performance in excess of 600 litres/minute. As well as first breath actuation and a hands-free bypass facility, the valve features a unique, fail-safe servo-mechanism. In common with all Sabre’s pneumatic systems, the Tempest provides the benefits of full user servicing with proven reliability and low through-life costs.

The philosophy behind the Contour is to provide a range of modular products capable of being upgraded to incorporate new technologies as they become available. This includes the ability to accept the latest radio communications and Black Box electronics systems with the minimum of modification, thereby ensuring that Sabre Contour can meet your future as well as current operational needs.

The Contour 300 is for single cylinder operation, whilst the Contour 500 has two cylinder valve retainers; one of which rotates and the other is hinged to fold flat to the backplate when not in use. Twin cylinder operation is achieved by using a high pressure manifold, connecting the two cylinders to the backplate with minimal movement.The Contour 500 can therefore be used for either single or twin cylinder operation, whilst maintaining the set’s ergonomics. The Contour 300 & 500 series’ Kevlar webbing cylinder band is infinitely adjustable without any tools and the unique “over centre locking” cylinder band latch is easy and quick to use whilst offering full security.