Rescue Support Systems

Rescue Shoring System Features

Available in 2 diameters.

  • Designed and manufactured under ISO 9001 guidelines.
  • Self locking for added safety.
  • Lengths from 1' to 16' with or without extensions.
  • All Paratech struts can be extended manually or with air pressure.
  • Constructed from high strength, lightweight aluminum.
  • All components are hard-cote anodized for increased strength and durability.
  • Used in trench collapse, vehicle stabilization, structural collapse, raker shoring, elevator support and tripod systems.
  • Simple to operate

Vehicle Stabilization Kit

The strongest vehicle stabilization kit on the market has been designed to utilize Paratech RescueStruts. Our Vehicle Stabilization Kit allows rescue teams to support anything from a rolled automobile to a locomotive. This is a serious kit designed to meet severe needs.

The kit can be purchased for vehicle stabilization and added to as more budget funds become available. As more struts and bases are added to the kit, the applications become endless. Trench rescue, tripods, building collapse and elevator rescue supports can all be handled as the kit grows into a complete system.

The main advantages of this kit are strength, ease, speed, durability and the ability to grow into a complete system. The struts included in this system are the strongest available and made from hard anodized aluminum for durability. Set up is fast and easy to learn.

There are other systems on the market specifically for vehicle stabilization but they are not designed to handle vehicular disasters where large weights are involved and certainly cannot be expanded to include trench collapse or building collapse. With a vehicle stabilization kit from Paratech you can be assured of quality, durability and usability.

  • Easy to maintain.
  • Strongest VSK on the market.
  • Can develop into a complete system as components are added.
  • 5 year guarantee.
  • Compatible with other RescueStrut kits

Tripod Conversion Kit

Tripod Conversion KitDesigned to compliment the RescueStrut line. The Tripod Conversion Kit is manufactured from aluminum alloy for light weight and strength. This kit is designed for use with your RescueStruts already used in trench rescue, building collapse and vehicle stabilization.

Attach the kit's Tripod head to an Acme or LockStroke RescueStrut and/or extension to create a strong, stable support for tripod use as a jackstand and/or high support. A durable carrying case makes transport easy.


Danish Multi-Brace

Danish Multi-BraceDesigned in cooperation with members of the Danish National Rescue Service, the Danish Multi-Brace (DMB) provides a portable, quick shoring frame, for trench support and wall support anywhere.

Utilizing RescueStruts and a combination of hinged and V-Bases, the DMB offers unparalleled versatility and strength for any number of shoring applications.


Elevator Support Unit

Elevator Support UnitParatech's Elevator Support Unit (ESU) safely stabilizes an elevator and prevents it from moving. When deployed, the ESU causes zero to minimal damage to elevator cars and affords rescue teams precious time to extricate passengers and save lives.

Two unique RescueStrut base and end plates form the core components of the system. An Angled Rubber Base attached to either RescueStrut and grips the floor, while the Elevator Support Arm Attached to the top of the RescueStrut and hooks under the elevator car.

Deployable Rakershore Kit

Deployable Rakershore KitThis unique kit has been designed to support exterior walls that have been severely damaged due to earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, renovations gone wrong, etc.. One kit will support an area of the wall approximately 12 ft high by 8 ft wide providing a safe entrance to the building. More kits can be installed if more coverage is needed.

The Deployable RakerShore Kit was developed using Paratech Long Shores, Long Shore extensions, and Raker accessories. All kit components are 6 ft or less which allows the kits to be deployed easily. All components are made from hard coat anodized aluminum for a strong, light, durable kit.

Anyone who has ever gone through the process of installing traditional wood rakers will appreciate the speed and ease of installing the RakerShore Kit. Many teams have purchase or trained with this kit and installation times of less than 2 minutes have been recorded. The timesavings over wood construction are significant when a life is on the line.

Meet all requirements for the FEMA Cache List

  • Easy to maintain.
  • 3rd Party tested.
  • Tabulated data included with every kit.
  • 5 year warranty on material and workmanship.
  • Long Shores are compatible with all of your Rescue Strut Bases